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Ashford University – Online Degree Programs

Ashford University was founded in the year 1918 and is perfect for people such as adults who are working in full time jobs and for students who had to leave their degrees midway due to personal or professional reasons. With Ashford University you can be sure of quality online learning opportunities. All programs offer by the University are innovative, accessible as well as highly affordable.

Let’s See How:


With Ashford University, you’ll be able to some of the most inexpensive degree programs available online. Besides their low cost the programs are of very high quality and adhere to the highest educational standards in the country.


Like many other online learning institutions in the country, you will be able to earn your degrees in within 12-24 months, provide you’ve got what it takes.


Online courses with Ashford University are flexible. They will enable you to attend classes and study at your own convenience.

Ashford University – Mission and Purpose

  • Ashford University is dedicated to develop a diverse learning environment that helps students develop contemporary awareness and drive them towards intellectual as well as spiritual inquiry in order to help them develop values and skills that will be of use in both their personal as well as professional lives.
  • Ashford is dedicated to student centric-learning and is supported by a large pool of technological resources. Students enrolled with Ashford will receive guidance from a qualified faculty as well as teaching staff that have relevant professional experience in their respective fields as well.
  • Ashford University programs will not only help students excel in their respective careers but also inculcate leadership in them. Besides all the technical expertise, they will help the students develop effectiveness, integrity, self worth, interdependence as well as creativity.
  • All programs at Ashford are designed to enable students to grow as professionals as well as individually.  They will encourage the students to become responsible towards the environment and value human life.
  • The University is geared to improve its curriculum and update its educational programs in order to provide students with the latest, most updated knowledge possible.

Ashford is Affordable

The Education at Ashford is of the highest quality and also extremely affordable.

Military Benefits

Eligible applicants can avail the benefits of a military tuition grant offered by the university. The grant will cover everything such as books, study materials as well as their shipping costs. Besides subsidised tuition rates, various benefits are also offered to military personnel such as:

  • Active Duty Personnel’s.
  • National Guards.
  • Reservists and their Spouses.
  • DoD Employees.

More Knowledge about Financial Aids

  • In order to receive financial aid for your educational endeavours you'll be assisted by a Financial Service Representative who will take you through a number of financial aid options and help you identify the ones you qualify for.
  • Some of these Financial Aids include Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Pell Grant as well as the Federal Stafford Loan. 
  • You can also make use of your employer’s tuition reimbursements for paying up for your studies with Ashford.
  • The ‘pay as you go’ services offered by Ashford Universities will require you to pay for your courses as you go about learning them.
  • With all these options, make use of The Financial Aid Option and we’re sure that you’ll be able to complete your degree in an extremely affordable manner.

Credit transfers

Ashford University now offers you the convenience of transferring upto 99 semester credits (close to 148 quarter credits) towards your course at Ashford.


Ashford University is affiliated to the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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