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Studying at the American College of Education 

A fully accredited Educational Institution, the American College of Education based in Chicago is a pioneer in the field of providing Online Masters, Degree Programs. Besides these, it also awards online Graduate degrees as well as Diplomas for a variety of programs.

It’s a completely web-based college and studies for all courses are undertaken online. Here is some information on the various graduate degree programs offered by the college.

A total of 5 Masters Degrees are on offer:

Masters of Education in Educational Leadership

The Program focuses on helping Aspiring District Leaders as well as School Principals with the help of an application-based curriculum that adheres to national standards as well as core competencies.

Masters of Education in Instruction and Curriculum

This program was specifically designed for educators to become effective teacher leaders in their own school communities. The degree program adheres to the 5 important principles proposed by the national Board of Professional Teaching Standards. These are:

  • A commitment to students for learning.
  • Taking responsibility for monitoring and managing student learning.
  • Developing a systematic mode of thought and learning from experience.
  • Making improvements in learning communities.
  • A complete knowledge of the subjects taught and knowledge on how to teach them.

Masters of Education in Instruction and Curriculum (including ESL Specialisation)

This degree program has its focus on language acquisition theories, various cultural implications, strategies that help promote cultural understanding and a level of teaching that adheres to the highest standards and meets the demands of English Language Learners.

Masters of Education in Instruction and Curriculum (Bilingual Specialisation)

With the help of Bilingual Specialisation, educators will be able to prepare themselves to provide education in a bilingual setting. With its focus on instructional methods, teaching language materials and a number of other things, 

Masters in Education Technology

This program will lead the students to become a technology specialist and will equip educators to support student learning with the help of technology. After enrolling in this program, you’ll learn how to use the skills of Educational technology to lead in the rooms, schools as well as the districts.

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the American College of Education is also associated with the north Central Association.

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